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We lost Tigger today, April 18, 2024, as part of this whole WORST YEAR EVER project. He was very devoted to Shonna. me, not so much. When Shonna leaves to visit her mom, he would vanish, knowing that I was now in charge of his pills. I’ve never known a cat with such a degree of awareness. I would merely THIUNK about giving him pills and his ears would perk up and he’d bolt for some hiding place.

In the end, it was a fast cancer. His suffering was minimal, just a loss of weight. We took him into the very fine people at Meyers Animal Hospital before things got too harsh, which is the bargain one makes with cats, ensuring them a far more merciful end than what they tend to experience on their own.

Of all the Cornish rex we have owned, he had the most beautiful fur coats, perfect, smooth rabbit-fur waves.