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Another School year begins. Also, Pop Con

Boy, I need to update this more often. I go to other author’s pages and laugh at the last post being from 2021, like, how hard can it be to do a post once a week? Well, who’s laughing now?

In my defense, the new school year has begun with me taking one for the team and doing an extra class. No planning period for me. I take this stoically, by which I mean I whine about it to anyone who will listen.

So I have 25% more students and a lot less time for the usual lesson planning and grading. I will get a boost in pay, I mean, I’m not THAT altruistic, and a few more shekels in my pocket DOES mitigate the misery. Money can’t buy happiness, they say. They say a lot of things. I’d like to be a part of the study testing that hypothesis, and not in the control group.

Thank God for A-Canvas, a platform where I can put quizzes and such and will automatically do grades. I resisted learning this thing for years before Covid forced my hand and now I could not live without it. And B- we have a marvelous guy named Dillon Crockett, who is our science curriculum specialist and helped organize the science people (a task akin to herding cats) into making a unit guide for the various subjects, and it will be pretty much a lifeline for me.

This weekend was the third annual Pop Con at the library, a really nice small convention that has rapidly outgrown the space. Luckily we will get a new library soon. Despite my asking at the last possible moment (this is no exaggeration) they were kind enough to give me a table and I had my very first experience selling books directly to the public. It went great! I love talking to people, and after a conversation about whatever foolishness dribbles out of my pie-hole, some feel obligated to pony up $10 for the book.

I also got to see some former students, including a few who were among my all time favorites, some teachers who have gone on to other schools or the sweet, sweet repose of retirement, and a few local celebrities, like May Hemmer and Cheralyn Lambeth. It was a beautiful, if warm, day and the crowd was huge.

Even got some praise for RAUM from someone who should know.

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