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An ambitious, unethical young lawyer, having made the mistake of summoning a demon, tries to compel the creature to further his ambitions and settle his many scores.

The demon… has other plans.

I first conceived RAUM as a film script, hoping to create a project for my friend, the talented cinematographer and director Robert Filion. He’d written and directed the fascinating film ATHENA and deemed it a bit too cerebral for the general public (if I may lapse into Old Man Mode, it’s become more difficult to engage people with any kind of slow burn effort. You also have to watch out for stories that are difficult to describe without giving away major plot points). So I tried to write a story that had A- a smallish cast, B-limited sets, and a story that can be described in a sentence or two.

And make it good. You can check all the boxes, but if the characters are unengaging and the story too predictable, it won’t matter a jot. But the intention was 100% to have a screenplay that could be filmed on a modest budget. No space armadas. No million dollar tableaux’s of Hell. Just a boy and his demon.

But then covid. And there isn’t anything deader than an unproduced screenplay. Nobody reads them for enjoyment. A screenplay is stripped of all the poetry. It’s like hugging a skeleton, where’s the fun in that? And thus I hatched the plan to turn it into a novel and by pure dumb luck Falstaff Books had one of their very infrequent open solicitations and here we are.

It’s my first book. I hope that there will be many more and that I will improve with each one but I will never forget the pure joy of reading that email telling me it made the cut.


Anton Drake

A young lawyer competing among the sharks at a top legal firm. Brilliant and ambitious, he has not forgotten the many hardships and slights on his way up the ladder of success, and he will let nothing stop him from advancing his climb. When a high profile case ends in disaster, he sees his opportunities dwindle, only to stumble on an unimaginable sources of power in the form of–

The Demon Raum

Bound by the rules of a summoning, this ancient creature of unfathomable power will do whatever it takes to break his bondage. Beyond that…he’s a demon. Who knows what really motivates a creature so ancient? Capable of great generosity and unimaginable cruelty, he loathes Drake but shows an unexpected affection for–

Gwen Marina

Drake’s former lover, and the only person for whom he holds any regard. She is the protege of a powerful lawyer, trying to prove that her success is not merely due to nepotism. Kind and nonconfrontational, she seems an unlikely ally for Raum, and yet he offers her tempting power, arbitrated through the influence of his own protege, the mysterious–


Neither entirely human nor demon, Rigan stands apart from the forces of Heaven and Hell. Devoted to Raum, she sees in Gwen a soul far removed from most humans, and far better than those who seek power, men such as–

Dan Murch

One of life’s losers, Murch latched on to a charismatic cult leader who dabbled in the dark arts. He seeks the power that Drake has acquired, unaware of the dangerous forces already unleashed.

Be Careful What You Wish For…