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Some Some Summertime

The end of the schoolyear approaches, at a leisurely pace. At least the school part does, the rest is a screaming runaway train. This summer will be a short one, thanks to our school board adopting a new calendar that has several advantage over the old one. On disadvantage is that it violates school law, which would be a deal breaker, one might think and oh how wrong one would be. The end result is that we will be coming back earlier than expected, making for a whirlwind.

CONCAROLINAS is just a few short weeks away. I’ll be showing the Filmfest, some excellent short films among the 25 selected. Big thanks to Dave Harlequin for stepping in to judge a bunch of these, and his thoughts on the winners echoed my own. No surprise, he’s been doing this for some time. Big thanks to Emlee Vassilos for helping with the judging and being such a great friend, even though I consistently misspell her name.

Beyond that, a week of filming and plotting with Emlee in South Carolina under the generous hospitality of Scott Perri, a wedding, and a family cruise, followed by a mad dash home to begin school again.

It will take some doing to fit a lot of writing in there but I aim to do so.

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