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Boy, do I love con panels! You and a group of like-minded characters, yapping about some shared passion, in front of an audience of similarly fanatical lovers of whatever it is you’re yammering on about, the more obscure, the better. “LBGT representation in 1970s low budget Bigfoot cinema”? Sure, why the hell not? “Comics can do what movies can’t”? I think you’re a decade late, but I’ll make the case. “Why Ghostbusters 2015 is Better than Ghostbusters 1984”? Ha, ha, you’re drunk, but Atlanta is hot and I’ll just sit in the back and snicker.

But you can only do so many conventions. How then to scratch that itch? Podcasts! There’s a million of ’em and I’ll sign up for ANYONE THAT WILL HAVE ME! So I’ll try to keep updating this page with podcasts as they happen.

EDIT- ha,ha, that sure never happened. I’ll try to get a few more in