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A handy tip

When it’s time for a colonoscopy, the absolute worst part is drinking the suprep, the horrible fluid that cleans you out like a whistle. It is difficult to fully describe the experience; there are certainly more horrible tastes, but after a few swallows your mind… Read More »A handy tip

A new year

I’ve done a pretty poor job of updating the site. Life, as it often does, has taken over. My father passed away just a few weeks ago. That’s worthy of an entire post, but I need some distance. People have been wonderful to me and… Read More »A new year


Hope it was a good one. Ours was grand, right up until we hit a deer on the way home. I had a split second to decide which way to point the car, and I picked the right one… assuming the deer, with the preternatural… Read More »HAPPY THANKSGIVING


Just got back from Dragon Con, which has become a yearly thing for me. This was almost certainly the best one I’ve experienced, thanks to the wonderful response to the 7 panels I sat on. #1- Film Noir: The Building Blocks & Styles of This… Read More »DRAGONCON!!!


If all works out as I hope, I’ll be at Dragon Con from Friday Sept 1 to Monday Sept 4,! you can see me at the following panels: The below information is the TENTATIVE program schedule for Bill MulliganConvention Dates are Thu(8/31/23), Fri(9/1/23), Sat(9/2/23), Sun(9/3/23),… Read More »DRAGONCON!

Some Some Summertime

The end of the schoolyear approaches, at a leisurely pace. At least the school part does, the rest is a screaming runaway train. This summer will be a short one, thanks to our school board adopting a new calendar that has several advantage over the… Read More »Some Some Summertime