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Bill Mulligan

Welcome to my author’s page. Glad to see you! This will likely be a nightmare until I get my daughters to explain things to me. I was once on the cutting edge of computer know-how, but seasons change and so did I. Well, we shall navigate this together.

You can expect:

NOT a totally photoshopped raven

Random Musings!

I know things.

Upcoming Projects!

Film, conventions, podcasts, writing… idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.

My Books!

What I’m working on and where you can buy the one’s I’ve finished.


I have plenty!

My Actual Bio

I’m a 25+ year high school science teacher, with all but one year at Lee County High School in Sanford North Carolina, though I come from Saugerties New York, a land of ice and snow, where the midnight sun and the hot wind blows.

Nightmarish winter conditions, typical for upstate New York. This would shut down Sanford for around 7 months.

I went to college at Washington University in St Louis, went to grad school at Albany Medical College, did a lot of life, and found myself in North Carolina with two daughters, one stepson and two granddaughters. All amazing, all doing well.

This is where I would normally put a picture of my family but Things Being As They Are, I’m a bit reluctant to do that and isn’t it a shame?

After making a small reputation for myself in indie films, podcasting and convention panels, the Covid Nightmare convinced me to turn unused screenplays into novels. How had could it be, I thought? That’s next level stupidity talking right there, my friends, but completion of one particular project amazingly coincided with Falstaff Books opening up for submissions. Such fortune does not come often and may not happen again any time soon. (There ARE still ways to pitch your book and I’ll be discussing them in the blog.)

So there we have it. I’m in my early 60s and beginning to feel it, though I come from a line of people who apparently have the constitutions of a Clydesdale horse, given the abuse their bodies have taken without being sent down for the count, so who knows? I may live to 127. Conversely, I may be run over by a cement mixer on the way home which, while definitely a crimp in the plans, is the kind of thing that ascends you to legendary status and gets you into viral internet lists like “10 people Who Foretold Their Own Demise”, which would almost certainly goose sales of the book.

I love movies, especially horror movies, especially horror movies by Mario Bava, Marvel comics circa 1980s, cryptozoology, old school pro-wrestling, special FX, makeup FX, filmmaking, and cats. You’ll see all of these show up in one way or another.